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Super Widefield Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Super Widefield Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope

Product Code : JL-M-8125
Jlab Export is a leading Super Widefield Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope Manufacturer,and suppliers in India, Super Widefield Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope Manufacturer,and suppliers in South Africa.Super Widefield Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope Suppliers in Mozambique,Super Widefield Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope A quality product from Jlab ideal for use in School Laboratories in developing countries of Asia, Africa and South Africa in Supplier Kenya, Southern African region, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Djibouti, Ethiopia,Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania and Uganda.

Super Widefield Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope
Designed to be outfitted with a variety of lens accessories to increase or reduce magnification.
A fully coated optical system which provides sharp and clear imaging with extreme good flatness and contrast. 
With a large zoom range and long-working distance.
The trinocular model synchronizes imaging for eyepiece observation and digital imaging.
It can produce the best reproduction and true color imaging. 
Ideal for high-magnification, high-resolution observation in biological research, semi-conductor and other precision-oriented industries.
Dustproof, moisture-proof, unable to be disassembled, built-in digital chip and integrated design.



Standard magnification: 6.6X~50X. Magnification range can be  3.3X~200X with auxiliary objectives and  optional eyepieces

Viewing Head

Binocular Digital, 45° inclined and 360° rotatable.

Interpupillary distance adjustable from 54mm-76mm.


10X wide-field high eyepoint

Two diopter adjustment of +/-5 on both eyepieces

Paired 10X/23mm, optional eyepieces WF20X/12mm and reticle eyepieces WF10X/23mm available(not included)

Eyeshades on both eyepieces

The eyepieces can be locked on with setscrews to prevent students from removing them.

Zooming Body

Standard objective zooming magnification: 0.66X ~ 5X, Zoom ratio: 1:7.6, parfocal, working distance 110mm

Ergonomically positioned dual, graduate, bilateral zoom control knobs

Auxiliary objectives: 0.5X/189mm working distance, 2.0X/36mm working distance available (not included)

Working Distance

Standard working distance of 110mm, working distance range 36mm~189mm with auxiliary lens

Focusing Arm

Heavy duty rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch

Two focusing knobs with tension adjustment,  140mm focus distance range


Includes one 99.5mm glass stage plate and one 99.5mm reversible black/white stage plate.

Locked-on spring-mounted stage clips

2D Travelling stage available (not included)


Top light: diagonally adjustable top incident 3W LED light. Brightness can be continuously adjusted independently

Bottom light: transmitted 3W LED light. Brightness can be continuously adjusted independently

Built in illumination system allows three ways of illumination: transmitted, incident, or dual lighting.

Top and bottom lights are controlled respectively


Trinocular head available 20/80 light splitting ratio.

Trinocular synchronization imaging, eyepiece observation synchronized with digital imaging. The splitting of the light does not need to be switched.

Built in digital Camera, dependable performance and convenient operation.

Digital Camera

Dustproof, moisture-proof, against disassemble, built-in digital chip, integrated design

Resolution: 5.0MP

Image device, 1/2' CMOS colorful

USB2.0 connection, without external power supply

Data output: 480mps

Included software: OPTPro

Available for WINDOWS 2000/ XP/7/Vista system




Optional Auxiliary Lens and Eyepieces


Auxiliary Lens

 Item No.


Working Distance

10x Eyepiece

20x Eyepiece


Field Diameter


Field Diameter




6.6X - 50X

34.8 - 4.6

13.2X -100X

18.0 - 2.4




3.3X - 25X

69.7 - 9.2

6.6X - 50X

36.4- 4.8




13.2X -100X

17 - 2.3

26.4X - 200X


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