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Frequency Counter 2.4GHz

Product Code : JL-DSO-10298

Frequency Counter 2.4GHz
8 digit LED display with annunciators
Two channels, operation mode memory
Range and gate time adjustable
High safety design
Input characteristics:-
CH. A (50MHz~2.4GHz)
Frequency Range:- from 50MHz to 2.4GHz
Sensitivity:- 50MHz~1.2GHz< 80m Vrms.
Coupling:- AC only
Input impedance:- 50M 
Max safety voltage:- 3V
CH.B (0.01Hz~50MHz)
Frequency Range:- DC couple 0.01Hz to 100Hz
AC couple 100Hz to 50MHz
Sensitivity:- “AC” 100Hz-50MHz< 80m Vrms
“DC” 0.01Hz-1Hz< 500mVp-p,
1Hz-100Hz< 80m Vrms.
Input impedance:- 1M 
Attenuator:- X1, X20
Max. safety voltage : 30V (DC/AC peak)
Resolution:- Resolution depends on gate time control setting.
Time Base
Short Time Stability : ± 3X10-9/second
Long Time Stability : ± 2X10-8/month
Temperature Drift coefficient: ± 1X10-7, 100c ~ 400C
Line Voltage Variation : ± 1X10-7 for line voltage + 10%
Standard Accessories:-
Power cable, BNC to Crocodile Clip Probes - 2Nos., Instruction manual.
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