Advanced Infinity Corrected Digital Trinocular Microscope with LCD Touch Pad

Advanced Infinity Corrected Digital Trinocular Microscope with LCD Touch Pad

Product Code : JL-M-8086

Advanced Infinity Corrected Digital Trinocular Microscope with LCD Touch Pad
A new generation of microscopes features High Contrast (HC) infinity corrected plan optics. 
The Compact body is designed for flexibility which can perform various applications such as brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, and polarization. 
Equipped with 5w LED lamp, field diaphragm, Abbe condensers and other optical components.
Trinocular microscope can be equipped with digital camera and LCD screen for photo and video documentation and image analysis.
The standard Kohler illumination system provides uniformly bright and free-from-glare specimen illumination, which optimizes a high image quality with brighter and sharper resolutions for photomicrography. 

With 8'', 1024 x 768 high resolution screen, LCD8.0 has great color fidelity and offers smooth images. 
LCD8.0 uses the same quality LCD screen as Apple iPad. 
Latest LCD technique significantly improve the screen brightness, coupled with IPS technology to reduce the light reflection, you can get a same sharp and clear screen from any angle. 
In­stead of the observing through microscope eyepieces, with LCD8.0 you can do the target searching, focusing through the screen easily. 
With up to 5-point multi-touch screen LCD8.0 control is just at your fingertips. 
Integrated with the 2MP camera, LCD8.0 allows high speed image acquisition. 
It improves image dynamic range and detail quality.
Furthermore, LCD8.0 utilize the special designed image processing chip for the built-in cameras. 

LCD8.0 has built-in software and operation system, just starting camera, the live image pres­ents in front of you immediately. You can save the picture on your system memory or to your external storage devices like mini SD Card or USB devices.
Don't worry parameter adjustment, LCD8.0 takes care of all the parameters like white balance, exposure time etc automatically. 


Viewing Head

JLab trinocular head which will not change the length in the eyepiece tubes when interpupillary distance adjustments are made

30° inclined and 360° rotatable, fully up or down swiveled eyepiece tubes to adjust the viewing height to meet individual requirements

Interpupillary adjustment of 48mm-75mm


Wide field (WF)10x/22mm

High eyepoint, with eyeguard

Both eyepieces are diopter adjustable, which allows the image and reticule to be brought into focus at the same time.


Optional reticule eyepiece for measurement purposes; choice of 0.1mm/1cm grid, 0.1mm/1cm cross or plain cross hair available (not included)


Revolving reversed quintuple objective nosepiece accepts five objectives which are color-coded, parcentered and parfocaled.

The nosepiece runs on ball bearings and has internal click stops so that the image remains centered after each change in magnification.


Infinity corrected, high contrast (HC) Plan Achromatic DIN 4X/0.10 ∞/0.17

Infinity corrected, high contrast (HC) Plan Achromatic DIN 10X/0.25 ∞/0.17

Infinity corrected, high contrast (HC) Plan Achromatic DIN 20X/0.40 ∞/0.17

Infinity corrected, high contrast (HC) Plan Achromatic DIN 40XR/0.65 ∞/0.17 (Retractable)

Infinity corrected, high contrast (HC) Plan Achromatic DIN 100XR/1.25 oil ∞/0.17(Retractable)

40XR and 100XR objectives are retractable which have resilient mounts for specimen protection

Focusing System

Low position coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs

37.7mm per coarse rotation

0.1mm per fine rotation, fine focus graduation of 1um

Focusing range 16mm

Tension adjustment eliminates focus drift


216mmx150mm built-in double layer mechanical stage

Smooth X/Y calibrated movement with cross travel range 7.5cm x 5.5cm

Non-extending rack

Graphite surface, rounded edges


Built-in Kohler illumination with field diaphragm, provides uniformly bright and free-from-glare specimen illumination

N.A. 1.25 Abbe condensers which height is controlled by a rack and pinion gear system that allows the condenser focus to be adjusted for proper illumination of the specimen

Adjustable aperture  iris diaphragm incorporated into the condenser, which is important in securing correct illumination, contrast, and depth of field;  a graduated scale indicates the approximate adjustment (size) of the aperture diaphragm.

5w LED for optimum illumination and contrast (5w LED available but not included)

With light intensity control


Trinocular phototube (50% vis, 50% doc) with 10MP digital eyepiece camera  and 8'' LCD camera available to capture images and view live video of the specimen on a computer or screen.

0.5x C-mount included

Other characters

Ergonomically designed metal frame for stability and durability

Carrying handle integrated in the back of the stand for easy carrying

Arm and base made of one piece construction

Antifungal treatment prevents fungal growth

Cord holder for convenient storage

Optional Accessory

Dark field kit

Available (not included)

Phase contrast kit


Polarizing kit

Camera Main Features

8" Color LCD & Touch Screen 360° horizontal rotatable / 90° vertical rotatable

Free life-time software upgrade

2MP high resolution, 1024 x 786 display

Blue-tooth & Wi-Fi

CPU Dual-core 1.41GHz


Operating System Android 4.1.1


Memory: 1G (DDR3)


Storage: Internal 4 GB or External Mini SD Card


Windows, Mac, Linux compatible


Output Ports: 1x HDMI port; 1x USB 2.0; 1x Mini USB 2.0


Power Supply: Input: AC110v-220v; Output: DC 5v


0.35x Relay lens, external power adapters, HDMI cable

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