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Thermal Conductivity of Liquid

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Thermal Conductivity of Liquid
Thermal conductivity of is an important engineering property.
The apparatus uses guarded hot plate method for determining thermal conductivity.
It consists of hot plate i.e. an electrical heater sandwiched between two plates.
The heat loss from hot plate is prevented by using two guard heaters and heat of removes heat from liquid by circulation of water.
Input to heaters the temperatures.
1.Guarded hot plate assembly comprising of main heater, ring guard heater and top guard heater, mounted over the liquid test cavity.
2.Cold plate assembly provided with water connections.
3.The assembly is housed in an enclosure box with glass wool insulation.
4.Instruments panel consisting of:-
a).Digital voltmeter and ammeter of suitable range.
b).Dimmerstat for controlling input to the heaters (2 amp. 3 Nos.)
c).Multichannel digital temperature indicator.
Services Required:-
1.Floor space of about 0.75m. x 1.5m. at working height.
2.230v. AC electrical supply with earthling connection.
3.Water flow rate of about 10- 15 lit/min. at constant head.

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