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Lagged Pipe Apparatus

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Lagged Pipe Apparatus
The apparatus consists of three concentric pipes mounted on suitable stand.
The space between innermost and the middle pipe is fifed with a lagging material and the space between the middle and the outer most is filled with and other lagging material.
The lagged pipe is heated with a cartridge heater inserted at the axle length of the pipe.
Voltmeter and ammeter on the panel can measure the input to the heater.
The intermediate temperatures can be measured by the thermocouples attached at the surfaces of the pipe.
Thus the resultant conductivity of the materials can be found out.
  a)Gl pipe (innermost) – 6 cm. (Outer Diameter).
  b) Gl Pipe (Middle) – 8.5 cm. (Mean Diameter)
  c)G! Pipe (Outermost) – 10.7 cm. (inner Diameter)
  d)Length of pipes 1 Meter.
  Nichrome wire cartridge heater placed centrally, of suitable capacity.
3.Control Panel:-
  a)Single Phase Dimmerstat – 1 No.
  b)Voltmeter (0 – 250V) – 1 No.
  c)Ammeter (0- 2A) – 1 No.
4.Temperature Indicator:-
  Multichannel Digital Temperature Indicator ranging (0 – 300 C) using Cr/AI Thermocouples
Services Required:-
  1. A.C. Single Phase 230 V electric supply
  2. Floor Area-1.5 Meter X 1 Meter X 0.5 Meter High

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