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Electro Hydraulic Trainer

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Electro-Hydraulic Trainer
Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic Power pack with following features       
Operating pressure 40 bar approx., Flow rate 4-8lpm approx.
Hydraulic Tank capacity 20 liters
Geared pump coupled with induction motor 2HP 220V AC, 50 Hz,  and mounted externally over the tank with anti-vibration pads
Having non-return valve, pressure relief valve
Different type of valves
4/3 Double solenoid valve AC operated
4/2 Single solenoid valve AC operated   
4/3 Way hand lever valve (Manual)   
Flow control valve and Pressure reducing valve (Manual)   
Pressure gauges 0-1500Psi - 3nos.
Pressure gauges (glycerin filled) to measure the pressure at  Input Line
Reduced pressure line at Cylinder 1
Reduced pressure line at Cylinder 2
Hydraulic Cylinders - 2nos.
Double acting cylinder (Stroke length 100mm & diameter 32mm)
Piston rod: Chrome plated and hardened

Study of different type of hydraulic components
Extension and retraction of double acting hydraulic cylinder in a different way
Using hand lever valve and flow control valve
Using single solenoid valve and flow control valve
Control the direction of hydraulic motor using double solenoid valve manually and using micro controller
Cylinder moment using solenoid valve can be done automatically using micro controller

Hydraulic pipe for fittings:-
Connection type 3/8", Length 600mm - 15nos
Connection type 3/8", Length 1000mm - 2nos   
Hydraulic motor:-
Type: Gear motor and Bi-directional        
Electronic Controller
220 V AC operated
8051 CPU,  Memory 64kB Flash       
Line indicator
DOL starter start/stop button for Induction motor
Double solenoid control switch (Manual and  Automatic)
Single solenoid control switch (Manual and  Automatic)
Push buttons for manual control for actuators  I, II,  & III
USB cable connector
Power requirement: 220VAC +10%, 50Hz
Weight: - 
65Kg Approx. (Main Control Unit)
70Kg Approx. (Hydraulic Power Pack)
Dimensions (mm): 900(L) x 380(B) x 670(H)
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